Do you know the 8 essentials in your travel kit?

To organize your travel first aid kit, you need to take into account some aspects, all of which are very important. It is an essential element, whether your absence from home is going to be brief or prolonged, since it saves you from many unforeseen events. Let's review together everything it should contain.

Why do you have diarrhea with your period?

The curious thing about diarrhea as a rule is that it can appear before, during and even after the period and is usually accompanied by other discomforts such as cramps and bloating. The appearance of diarrhea with the period is associated with the hormonal changes that a woman undergoes during menstruation.

What are the main causes of irritable bowel?

As has been stated in recent years, there are 2 key factors that are related to the onset of irritable bowel syndrome. We are talking about food intolerances and the health of people's intestinal flora

Gut microbiota: the importance of maintaining a balanced immune system

How covid-19 affects our elders: figures

Since the pandemic was declared, various studies have come to light that leave us striking data on the level of impact of the virus on the population, many of them focusing on risk groups, among which are the elderly.

Mental health and gut microbiota

Taking care of our health also means taking care of mental health. According to recent advances, it is related to the intestinal microbiota. In fact, a dysfunction in the brain-gut axis could influence neuropsychiatric problems, such as depression, autism or attention problems, among others.

The good state of the intestinal microbiota, key to preventing diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the main public health problems since it affects a significant part of the world population: close to 400 million people worldwide, a figure that could increase to 592 million in 2035. Among the reasons that are increasing its incidence in the world is...

What role does the intestinal microbiota play in the development of obesity?

Obesity has become the great epidemic of the 21st century, with a strong socio-sanitary impact due to its associated comorbidities. For this reason, it is the subject of numerous studies to identify its possible causes and origins. These have allowed us to verify that it is not only a question of diet....

How to strengthen children's immune system in autumn

Back to school is a period of many emotions, both for children and parents. The little ones meet again with their peers and face the challenges of learning. The elderly are concerned so that they do not lack anything in this period and they carry it with a positive attitude, if possible,....

Breast milk, beneficial for the baby's intestine

Breastfeeding has benefits for the baby's intestinal microbiota.

That breast milk is very beneficial and is the best option to follow during the first months of life is nothing new. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that it reduces infant mortality and has health benefits that extend into adulthood. However, did you know that it also contributes to the....