Breast milk, beneficial for the baby's intestine

Breastfeeding has benefits for the baby's intestinal microbiota.

That breast milk is very beneficial and is the best option to follow during the first months of life is nothing new. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that it reduces infant mortality and has health benefits that extend into adulthood. However, did you know that it also contributes to the balanced growth and development of the baby's intestinal microbiota? As different studies have shown, it has a series of groups of good bacteria that play a protective role against different processes, including allergies.

Breast milk, in addition to being easy to digest, favors the digestion of food and the prevention of certain diseases

It is the first natural food that you can give your child and it will provide energy and all the necessary nutrients for its first months of life, but it also continues to contribute to it until the second year of life. It also includes the first bacteria that colonize the intestine of the newborn, creating a protective film that prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria and, therefore, reduces the risk of suffering from infectious diseases, in addition to strengthening their immune system. An example of them are the Bifidobacterium, which help digestion

On the other hand, some studies have also verified that breast milk, in addition to being easy to digest, favors the digestion of food and the prevention of certain diseases. In addition, it has been observed that certain bacteria contribute to a better introduction of solid foods in the baby, with less risk of intestinal pain and colic.

A part of the bacteria contained in breast milk is part of the mother's intestinal microbiota. Their passage to the mammary gland is called the enteromammary route. This transfer is intensified in the last stage of pregnancy and during lactation. Through this circulation, it has been verified that Lactobacillus, administered orally, reach the mammary gland, which opens an interesting door to modulate the mammary microbiota by taking probiotics, which could be beneficial to reduce the incidence of mastitis. On the other hand, although more research is required in this regard, they could also be beneficial to prevent diarrhea and gastroenteritis in the baby.

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