How to strengthen children's immune system in autumn

Back to school is a period of many emotions, both for children and parents. The little ones meet again with their peers and face the challenges of learning. The elderly are concerned so that they do not lack anything in this period and they carry it with a positive attitude, if possible, avoiding getting sick due to the changes in season. How to increase the defenses of children and avoid the typical colds of autumn? Keep reading: we tell you everything you need to know.

Increase the defenses of children with a balanced diet

Food is one of the main aspects to take care of when increasing the defenses of children. Just like the older ones, the little ones need a balanced diet that provides them with the nutrients their bodies need to function properly. Antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C, which is the one that will help you the most against colds, are essential in your diet this fall.

Help them take care of their intestinal microbiota

The intestinal flora, in addition to acting as the main barrier in the body and producing essential nutrients for proper intestinal function, also performs key functions in the immune system and when fighting pathogenic bacteria that can be a threat in this season. Hence, maintaining its balance is a must when it comes to increasing children's defenses, something for which probiotics can be of great help.

To move a lot: sport and children

The elderly know well that sport and physical activity are relevant to enjoy good health. Children are no different in this regard. Thus, it is convenient that they remain active, either playing or practicing some type of sport or specific sports activity. And it is that the movement also has a positive impact on the defenses of children, making their lungs oxygenate and it is more difficult for them to catch a cold.

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